League Rules
Vestavia Hills Parks and Recreation Department
Vestavia Hills Girls Basketball League By-Laws


Section 1. The management of the Basketball League shall be vested in the Basketball Board. The Basketball Board is made up of the Officers and League Directors.

Section 2. The Basketball Board is an arm of the Park Board.

Section 3. The Basketball Board shall advise recommend and decide as to the rules, regulations, and general affairs of the league, and shall oversee all such activities.

Section 4. All registrations shall be conducted by the Basketball Board.

Section 5. All purchasing shall be by and through the Basketball Board.

Section 6. The Basketball Board shall comply with the Alabama Open Meetings Act by posting announcements of board meetings open to the public no later than two weeks in advance.


Section 1. Election of Officers: There will be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Bookkeeper and League Directors. A person or persons may serve in multiple capacities (i.e. treasurer and league director).

Section 2. All officers of the Basketball Board shall assume their duties April 1 and serve until March 31st.

Section 3. The President of the Basketball Board shall reside within the City Limits of Vestavia Hills or own or operate a business within the City of Vestavia Hills or be employed in the city limits of Vestavia Hills.

Section 4. The Basketball Board Officers will appoint each year the League Directors for each division.

Section 5. All vacancies occurring during the year by resignation or otherwise shall be filled for the unexpired term by the president.


Section 1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Basketball Board.

Section 2. Officer’s terms shall be 1 day. However, members can be re-elected to serve multiple years.

Section 3. The Basketball Board shall meet on or before March 31st to nominate the next year’s Basketball Board, including Officers and League Directors. This meeting shall be open to the public with notice given. Nominations for Officers and Directors will be accepted at that time.

Section 4. A general meeting shall be held in April at the Rec. Center for the purpose of elections. Final ballot will consist of those individuals nominated at the March meeting. This meeting will be open to public with notice given. All individuals present, who are a resident of Vestavia, own a business in Vestavia, or has a child playing in the Vestavia Girls Basketball League, are eligible to vote.

Section 5. All Board meetings are open to the public. Notice of such meetings will be posted on the web site. Notice of the March and April meetings, along with notice of taking nominations and voting will be provided to the families of all players who just completed the previous season.

Section 6. The Basketball Board shall make all administrative recommendations and decisions not specifically addressed in these By-Laws.

Section 7. The Basketball Board shall meet every other month unless more meetings are needed as desired by the Board. The date, time, and location of all meetings will be sent in writing too all board members at least ten (10) days prior to said meeting.

Section 8. Quorum for the Basketball Board shall be fifty-one percent (51%) of its members. A majority vote of active members is required for board approval.


Section 1. League Directors with the assistance of the Board shall review registration forms to estimate how many coaches will be needed for the season. They will then review registration forms for potential coaches and submit slate of coaches to the Basketball Board for approval before appointment.

Section 2. League Directors shall maintain proper conduct among teams and spectators at all times.

Section 3. League Directors shall be responsible for and be present at all player evaluations and drafts under the direction of the Basketball Board.

Section 4. League Directors shall serve for a one (1) year term. It is however approved that they may serve multiple years to create consistency in their grade level.


Section 1. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages shall be permitted in all league facilities.

Section 2. No firearms will be permitted on the premises

Section 3. Any member of the Basketball League or member of his family who deliberately or willfully destroys, defaces, vandalizes, or misappropriates any property of the park shall be expelled by action of the Park Board.


Section 1. Except where otherwise specifically set forth in these rules, the rules will be determined by the Board.

Section 2. Rules specific for Vestavia Hills Basketball League

1. Playing time

a. All players, in uniform, are to play at least ½ of a regulation game. Players that arrive after the game begins are to play at least ½ the remaining time in the game, starting 3 minutes from their arrival.

b. If this rule is broken, coaching status will be in jeopardy and subject to suspension and possibly expulsion from coaching youth basketball.

c. Free substitution is allowed.

d. All leagues will have substitutions at the halfway mark of each quarter. Play will be stopped during a natural break or dead ball around the halfway mark by the officials to allow for substitutions to occur. Coaches must sub players in who have been on the bench for the first part of the quarter. Injury or fouling out of the game are exceptions.

e. Violations of this rule are to be brought to the attention of the League Director who will handle in consultation with the Board.

2. Coaches

a. A “team” can only consist of one Head Coach and one Assistant Coach prior to the league draft. The League Director will submit a list of recommended coaches to the Board. The Board will vote to approve each coach. All coaches must take and pass all requirements (concussion protocol, background check, etc..) as designated by the Vestavia Parks & Rec Department and/or the Board. Teams with a Head Coach and an Assistant coach may not have another “Coach” of any type on the bench. A team with only a Head Coach may be allowed another Coach as long as that coach has passed all league criteria for coaches.

b. Coaches are expected to conduct themselves as examples for our children as defined by the League’s Coaches Code of Conduct.

c. Coaches are responsible for controlling the behavior of his/her team as well as parents of the players. Failure to do so may result in a technical foul, but also suspension of the parents, players, and/or coaches.

d. One Head Coach and one Assistant Coach are permitted on each team’s bench during games. Coaches are to remain within the designated coach’s box during the course of the game. Officials may issue a technical if he/she doesn’t comply.

e. Any complaints about officials should be taken up with the league director and the Basketball Board.

f. The Basketball Board has the authority to discipline, suspend or expel any Coach due to misconduct or blatant violations of these rules.

g. All coaches must agree and sign the Coaches Code of Conduct provided by the Board.

3. Game specifications

a. Games

League Goals Lane Game Length 3PT Free Throw Press
D-League 8 ft 5 sec 6 min qtrs. No Varies Half court in 4th qtr
3rd 8 1/2 ft 5 sec 7 min qtrs No 12 ft Half court in 4th qtr
4th 9 ft 5 sec 8 min qtrs No 12 ft Last 2 mins of 4th qtr; up by <15pts
5th 10 ft 3 sec 8 min qtrs Yes 15 ft 4th qtr; up by <15pts
6th/7th 10 ft 3 sec 8 min qtrs Yes 15 ft Okay; up by <15pts

-D/3rd *Running Clock. Clock stops on free throws and last minute of each half.

-3rd *In the 4th qtr the clock will not start until the ball crosses half court
-4th/5th **Running Clock. Clock stops on free throws and last 2 minutes of each half.
-6th/7th ***Running Clock. Clock stops on free throws and last 2 minutes of each half.

b. Timeouts

-Each team will have 3 timeouts per game and 1 additional timeout in the event of
overtime/sudden death.

-Any timeouts not used in regulation play will not carry over.

c. Overtime

-OT periods will be played for two minutes. Clock will stop at all dead balls. Foul shots
will be determined by total team fouls.

-In the regular season a maximum of two OT periods will be played before a sudden death
period (no clock, first to score wins).

-In the playoffs, three OT periods will be played before the sudden death period.

-No sudden death in championship games.

4. Miscellaneous Rules

-Time between quarters will be one minute except two minutes at halftime.

-D League and 2nd grade will use a 27.5″ ball. All other divisions will use a 28.5″ ball.

-All leagues will line up above the block for free throws.

– K – 3rd grade must allow the offense to establish in the half court. If the offense is fast
breaking or attacking in transition, the defense may make a play on the ball when it crosses
half court. If the offense is attempting to set up a half-court offense, all defenders must
start inside the three-point line. Once the ball handler crosses the half court line, the
defense may pressure the ball anywhere in the half court. This rule is expected to be
supported by the coaches in its spirit. Inadvertent violations of this rule should result in a
sideline out of bounds or a reset at the official’s discretion. Intentional violations of this
rule should be reported to the League Director.

-K-4th grade must play man to man defense the entire game**.

-5th-6th/7th must play man to man defense for the first half**. Zones are allowed in the
second half.

-6th/7th may press at any point (but it must be man to man in the first half)**.

-The defense may only trap the ball during periods where zone defense is allowed.

-No team may press or trap when ahead by 15 points or more.

-The clock will not stop when a team is winning by 20 or more points.

-Violations on pressing will result in a warning by the official. Additional violations will
result in a technical foul and may jeopardize coaching status.

-All bench technical fouls will be charged to the head coach and will be reviewed by the
Board. All technical fouls in 4th, 5th and 6th/7th grade leagues will be shot in accordance
with AHSAA rules. 1 point is automatically awarded in 2nd & 3rd grade leagues.

-A technical foul on the bench will result in all coaches sitting for the remainder of the
game. No exceptions.

-Two technical fouls will result in an ejection from the gym. A coach or player ejected
more than once will be suspended for at least the current season.

-**On man-to-man defense:

(Defenders are not required to chase their man all over the gym but should be matched
up and each account for one offensive player. Players should be taught to play in a
defensive shell and protect the basket together. Help and recover is allowed. Switching
is allowed. If the ball is in the paint, the defense may collapse on it. This rule is not
about making it easier to score or discouraging aggressive team defense. It is about
increasing the core athleticism of our players, teaching them good defensive technique at
an early age and increasing court awareness and basketball IQ. It provides significant
benefit in player development on offense and reduces the amount of practice time
allocated to complex defensive schematics in the younger age groups. This philosophy is
expected to be supported by all coaches as defined during the initial coaches
meeting. Violations should be reported to the League Director.)

-2nd grade may pick up pool players if their roster drops below 5 players.

-3rd-7th may pick up pool players if their roster drops below 6 players.

-The pool player may not play more than 1/2 of the game unless circumstances occur with
foul trouble, injury, or illness.

– Players eligible to be pool players are those players selected in the fourth round or below
of the draft. The League Director has sole authority to add or eliminate players from pool
play based on ability.

– If a team does not have enough players before a game, the two coaches can agree to have
a sub from another team who might not qualify under the pool player list. This should be
documented via text or email before the game and the League Director should be notified
and sent a copy of the correspondence. The game in question will be played without
protest if these conditions are met.

-No jewelry (including but not limited to: earrings, rings, wristbands, bracelets, necklaces,
watches, fit bits) is to be worn during the game. Players will be especially advised
regarding the prohibition of pierced earrings at registration. Band aids covering earrings
are not allowed.

5. Significant rules

a. Anyone participating in organized school Basketball sports cannot register or participate in recreational Basketball leagues. This refers to organized sports in season.

b. In the event of any schedule changes, Parks & Recreation shall inform the league director as soon as possible.

6. Protests

a. Written protest shall be submitted to the League Director within Twenty-four (24) hours after the completion of the game

b. The League Director shall submit the written protest at a specially called meeting of the Basketball Board. This meeting shall be called as promptly as possible.

c. The League Director and the head coach of the team (or teams) involved shall make a presentation to the Basketball Board.

d. The Basketball Board shall rule on the protest and the decision is then final.

Section 3 All-Stars

1. The League Director of each league will be responsible for the selection of All Stars in the following manner:

a. The coach of each team shall submit, upon completion of the final regular season game, a list of players (per applicable age divisions) from his or her team. These should be players who have had a high level of play during the season

b. The head coach for each All-Star team will be able to pick the players for his or her team. (The coach has the option of having the number of players he or she so desires). If there are enough players for a second team, then a coach picked by the league director will pick his or her team.

c. The league director will oversee the selection of teams.

d. The league director will provide all information regarding the selection process to the Basketball Board.

e. It is the League Director’s responsibility to notify all-star teams as the team is selected.

f. Age control date is on or before September 1 of the current school year.

g. Age divisions are 8U, 10U, 12U (determined by the ARPA). Players must participate on the All-Star team regulated by their date of birth. If a player wishes to be considered to “play up” in All Stars, they must submit a request to the League President who will get a ruling by the board.

These teams will represent Vestavia in all Parks and Recreation league post-season tournament play. This system is in place to provide Vestavia the best opportunity to advance in the local and state playoffs.

2. Appointment of All Star Coach’s

a. All Star team head coaches will be determined by the League Directors & approved by the Board.

b. All assistants will be determined by the Head Coach

c. The tournament team or teams will represent Vestavia Hills in all post-season play.

Section 4 Referees

a. The Basketball Board will determine which association shall be used prior to the season.

Section 5 Parks & Recreation

The Vestavia Hills Department of Parks & Rec in conjunction with the Board shall assume the following responsibilities:

a. Game facilities and practice schedules

b. Gym availability

c. Basketball equipment

d. Storage

e. Managing gym supervisors

Section 6 Oversight

a. The Basketball Board will decide the penalties and suspensions upon orderly conduct of the league.

b. The Basketball Board has the authority to make final decisions on all By-Laws interpretations and any matters concerning the league.

c. The Basketball Board may decide that a coach be suspended for blatant infraction of the rules of conduct. Any coach under consideration for suspension shall have the right to a hearing at a special meeting of the Basketball Board. This meeting shall be called as promptly as possible and the decision of the Basketball Board is final.

Section 7 Insurance

Players participating in the Recreation Department Leagues should have accident insurance coverage. It is the responsibility of the parties. The Department of Parks and Recreation DOES NOT PROVIDE INSURANCE in case of injuries for the players or coaches.

Section 8 End of Season Playoffs

a. All teams will make the playoffs

b. Brackets will be based on the number of teams in your league.

c. Time and place to be determined by the President & Parks and Rec.

d. Seeding for the playoffs will be based on regular season record.

e. Tie breaking scenario below:

1. Head-to-head competition.

2. Record against common opponents.

3. Total Point differential for the season.

4. Total Points allowed during the season.

5. If there is tie between 3 or more teams, once a team is eliminated based upon the criteria above, if a tie remains between the remaining teams, we will start back with criteria no. 1 to determine the tie breaker. For example, if there is a tie between 3 teams that is not decided by criteria 1 (head-to-head), then when one team is eliminated following the criteria above, then the tie between the remaining 2 teams will be decided by going back to head to head competition and we will go down the list until the tie is broken again.

f. All seeding will be determined by the league director based on the criteria above. Any disputes will be resolved by the Basketball Board


Section 1. Player evaluations will be held at the beginning of the season according to the rules set forth below or adjusted as approved by the Board.

a. The League Director will conduct player evaluations as soon as possible following registration at a date and time determined by the Board.

b. All coaches must attend evaluations to help rate the players.

c. Each child will be seen in terms of ball handling ability, shooting ability, lay-ups and passing skills. Players may also be put through game situations to help evaluate their level of play. Player information including DOB, Height, school grade and aggressiveness may also be included in the evaluation information provided to coaches.

d. The coaches shall rank each skill from 1-5. Additional points may be awarded according to the evaluation process. Point totals will position players for the draft.

e. The League director is responsible for adding up the totals and ranking each player for draft purposes.

(In lieu of a traditional draft, Head Coaches, by a majority vote, may decide to predetermine all league teams so that teams are of equal talent. Once teams are determined, the coaches then draw, at random, a team from a blind draw. The coach and the daughter of the coach would then be assigned to that team. Coaches may trade teams after all teams are assigned. The evaluation grade of the coach’s daughter will determine draft order. Lowest to highest. Daughters of assistant coaches should be placed on a team prior to the blind draw)

Section 1. A draft will be held to determine teams as soon as possible after the tryouts according to the following regulations:

a. The goal of the League is to distribute player talent as equally as is practical. The draft of participating teams will be an open draft, meaning that players may be selected without regard to the team, league or division in which they played during the previous year. If it is determined to have a draft, all players MUST be drafted. No player may be assigned to a team by request. 2nd Grade League players may be exempt from this rule by a majority vote of the coaches.

b. Prior to the draft, the coaches will rank players for such rounds of each age group as may be appropriate. The League Director and coaches must approve the rankings and the number of rounds ranked prior to the draft. At a minimum, coaches must rank first and second rounds in their age groups. Coaches’ daughters must be designated to a round prior to the beginning of the draft.

c. As determined by the Board a league/team may be deemed as Vestavia and Liberty Park for practice purposes. In such cases as teams are deemed “LP or VH Proper”, teams will draft separately but should be in the same room for the draft for transparency.

d. In the event leagues or teams are deemed “LP or VH Proper”; during registration, players will choose Vestavia, Liberty Park, or no preference to decide where they would like to play. Players who choose “no preference” will be pre-assigned either Vestavia or Liberty Park for the purpose of equal number of players per team before the draft.

e. The draft order will be determined by the League Director in a manner that will result in the most equitable league and proceed in a serpentine fashion so that the last pick of the first round goes 1st in the second round and so forth.

f. A coach must choose his daughter in the round in which she is placed during the player rankings before the draft occurs.

g. When there are an insufficient number of players to complete the last round, the final round may be conducted so that the team that picked first in the 1st round or has the highest rated player/daughter(s) will pick first in the last round. The object is to have more players on the teams that picked first or has the highest rated player/daughter(s).

h. If necessary, at the conclusion of the draft, each coach will draw to determine the order in which he chooses a team name and color of jerseys.

i. Coaches will be given a copy of the player’s registration information at the end of the draft. Coaches are required to submit to the Board on a form given out at the draft of their team’s name, players, shirt sizes and colors for the procurement of jerseys. This will be due to the Board by Friday at the end of the draft week. Coaches will also be assigned practice times when these sheets are presented to the Parks & Recreation and not any sooner.

j. Only Head Coaches, approved Assistant Coaches, and Board Members/League Directors shall be present at the draft.

k. If a player request to play in their grade appropriate league, the board may vote to allow that player to play down. Example, player has a birthday that is 12U but is in 5th grade and wants to play with players in their grade. However, for purposes of All Stars, the player is only eligible for the age-appropriate team unless otherwise approved by the Board.

l. Players may request to be placed on a team with friends. During the draft leagues should consider these requests in the following manner: 2nd grade coaches should attempt to honor friend requests during the draft. 3rd grade coaches may allow one friend request per team. Coaches of 4th grade and above are under no obligation to honor any friend request.

m. Players desiring to “play up” during league play must demonstrate a high level of play and be approved by The Board prior to the draft. All Star selections will be determined by the age control date.

n. Any other disputes or questions relating to the draft shall be resolved by the League Directors with the advice of the coaches and the approval of the Basketball Board.


Section 1. The President can call special meetings in his or her discretion.

Section 2. Notice of the time and place of each meeting shall be sent to Basketball Board members fourteen (14) days prior to said meeting.

Section 3. A quorum for Board meetings shall be a minimum of one half (1/2) of the Basketball Board.

Section 4. Any change in these By-Laws must have a fifty-one percent (51%) majority of Active Members.


Section 1. The Board may sanction additional leagues and teams to play “competitively” in other leagues and tournaments. Teams sanctioned by the Board will: 1. be comprised by of a percentage of players as determined by the board for each year 2. be coached by a person that meets all Rec criteria for coaches 3. be allowed to access gym time through Park & Recreation 4. be allowed to use Rec League uniforms during competitive play. 5. agree to give the Rec League priority should Rec & Competitive conflict. Competitive teams will be added as needed and sanctioned by the Board. Coaches interested in forming a competitive team should contact Wes Gaylard at 205-296-5674 or wesgaylard@gmail.com.