Some Game Times and Locations have been changed.  Please communicate & verify the details with your coach.

LOCATION UPDATE for Saturday, January 6, 2024

Time East Cahaba Heights Pizitz Upper Liberty Park Elementary School
8 a.m. Broom at Taylor (3rd) Smalley at Boeckmann (4th)
9 a.m. Graves at Danneman (3rd) Smalley at Kennedy (4th) Burch at Sealock (6th)
10 a.m. Graves at Curry (3rd) Adler at Gray (4th) Burch at Moorhouse (6th)
11 a.m. Sewell at Curry (3rd) Brewer at Denson (4th) Jones at Moorhouse (6th)
12 p.m. Walker at Burch (3rd) Gilbert at Abbott (5th) Cotter at Smith (6th)
1 p.m. Walker at Pilcher (3rd) White at Rickard (5th) Brown at Thomason (5th)
2 p.m. Roby at Thomason (5th)
3 p.m. Roby at Carter (5th)

Info on Liberty Park Elementary School Gym -  For those that have not played or practiced at Liberty Park Elementary School, the school is located at 17051 Liberty Parkway.  There are entrances on the side of the gym.   The restrooms are located to the left down the hall (on the side of the gym where the benches will be located).  Please do not allow the kids to play in the school hallways, which should only be accessed if using the restrooms.